cover image from Michelle Goodearl Photography
cover image from Michelle Goodearl Photography

by Guy Cranswick

ISBN 978-1-61019-103-6 print    SOLD OUT
ISBN 978-1-61019-017-6 ebook

paperback list price $19.95
ebook list price $3.99

Print and eBook editions will be available globally through many booksellers by 31 January 2013. It is available for purchase now from the following:


Through the fourteen stories in this collection, Guy Cranswick explores “home” and what can happen when it proves elusive. In the title story, The Nine Avenues were “nine small roads that ran up the same route in unsealed tracks. The roads were joined and trees planted by the side of the road.” So too the disparate characters in Nine Avenues, who search for home via different routes, converge in the realization that the journey sometimes matters more than the destination.


Guy Cranswick was born in England and currently lives in Sydney, Australia. In between, he has lived in various cities. He writes in a range of media, with published pieces of journalism and commentary as well as fiction. To learn more, please visit him at the Nine Avenues blog:


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