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Folded Word is an all-volunteer press dedicated to exploring the world, one voice at a time. We publish books and chapbooks of poetry, fiction, travel narrative, translation, and literary essay. We also publish the e-zine unFold.

We are passionate about finding new voices and giving veteran writers a sandbox to play in. We strive to make literature a sustainable and accessible art form through ecologically-aware production methods and disability-friendly ebooks. And while technology is at the heart of everything we do, we find ways to honor centuries-old publishing traditions whenever possible. We believe technology should not be an end to itself, but merely a tool to keep literature in the hands and hearts of readers.

We are currently only soliciting full-length books from our published chapbook authors. If you would like to be a chapbook author, and thus make it possible to publish a full-length book here, we are open to unsolicited queries (with sample pages) for chapbook manuscripts of all genres. All submissions must be sent via the post: emailed submissions will be deleted unread. Please review our complete submission guidelines prior to sending your query:



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