Cover by Patrick J. Morrison.
Cover by Patrick J. Morrison.

by John R. Reed

ISBN 978-1-61019-018-3  ebook

ebook: list price $3.99

eBook editions now available*:

In this Cold War thriller, CIA operative Jim Gadsden struggles to prove he is not washed up while he works against the clock to save the Pacific Northwest from atomic annihilation. From Singapore to D.C. to Idaho and beyond, Gadsden battles traitors, the elements, and the limits of human endurance with grit and determination. But all the wit and strength in the world may not be enough to protect him from betrayal by elements within the very system he is meant to protect. Written with an insider’s knowledge of Military Intelligence, this updated edition of John R. Reed’s first novel is a wild, unpredictable ride from start to finish.

This is the first of our eBooks sporting the racy-red cover designed by Patrick J. Morrison, which signifies titles that veer outside the “PG-ish” lines of our print books.

  • You may read Chapter One in this ebook sample:  EPUB   MOBI  (Right click on format of your choice and choose “save as.”)
  • You may discuss the book with us at GoodReads.
  • Read the Publishers Weekly review of the first edition (print, St. Martin’s Press 1995).


John R. Reed is the author of two print novels, Thirteen Mountain (St. Martin’s Press, 1995) and The Kingfisher’s Call (Sourcebooks, 2002), as well as numerous shorter non-fiction works. He has conducted writing workshops, classes and seminars around the country for the past 20 years; his sensitive and insightful critiques have inspired hundreds of writers. His classes on the novel, short stories, essays and magazine writing have given many students a stepping stone to publication. John is a presenter at the Maui Writer’s Conference and the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference. To learn more, please visit his blog: allwriterswelcome.wordpress.com

*Choices grayed-out are coming soon.


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