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a novel
by Garrett Socol

ISBN 978-1-61019-107-4
Release Date: 1 November 2015
paperback list price $16.00
ebook list price $5.99

Dr. Calvin Rhodes, DDS, has a problem:  He needs a new dental hygienist. Desperately. His receptionist, former drill sergeant Imogene Jackson, has brought him a stellar candidate: Rosalie Sterling. Rosalie has perfect teeth, impeccable references, and a sensuous fascination with dental care. The scandal and mystery that ensue from this small town office will take you on a wild ride never before imaginable from the nervous comfort of a dentist’s chair.



Garrett Socol’s short stories have appeared in three dozen international literary journals. His debut collection of stories Gathered Here Together was published by Ampersand Books. His novella Fame & Madness in America was published by Casperian Books. As a playwright, his work has been produced at the Berkshire Theatre Festival and the Pasadena Playhouse. He holds a BFA from the University of Southern California. As a producer for cable television, he created and produced Talk Soup, The Gossip Show and numerous other series and specials for E! Entertainment Television. He is the recipient of a Prism Award and a Gracie Award. To learn more, please visit him at:


“Dental work has never been this funny. Garrett Socol creates characters on the edge…and finds their humanity and quirky appeal, writing about them with devastatingly witty bemusement.”

Michael Musto, Out Magazine

“TOOTH DECAY reads like life in a small town dental office, with the exception that it’s a lot more fun than my own office! I’ll never look at flossing the same way again.”
Ronald Wormser, DDS

“…Blackmail, betrayal, murder, and a villainous office manager darken the tongue-in-cheek comedy, demonstrating that oral hygiene is no defense against moral rot.”

Matt Seidel, from “A Year in Reading” at The Millions


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