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by Smitha Murthy & Dorothee Lang

ISBN 978-1-61019-102-9

paperback list price $14
ebook list price $4.99

Print and eBook editions will be available globally through most booksellers by 15 August 2012. It is available for purchase now from the following:



Through coincidence on a global scale, a traveller from Europe and a teacher from Asia met within the threads of the World Wide Web. A single photo serves as an intersection point from which they share their diverse journeys that include joys, longings, and life lessons. As the dialog unfolds across continents, cultures, media, and time, Smitha Murthy and Dorothee Lang discover that though they are worlds apart geographically, they are merely a few words apart relationally. Their mutual discovery is captured in this collection of letters, essays, stories, poems, and photographs that reach from China and India to Germany and the Mediterranean Sea. Rounded up with practical advice for travelling and teaching in Asia, WOR(L)DS APART is both an inspiring travel read and the story of a friendship across cultures and borders.


Smitha Murthy lives in Bangalore, India. A restless wanderer in the wilderness of this world, she worked as contributor to the Deccan Herald, as teacher in a school in China, and in the Global Markets Research department of Thomas White International. She blogs at Musings on a Life Half-Lived: http://smithslostsoul.blogspot.com/

Dorothee Lang is a writer, web freelancer and traveller, and the editor of BluePrintReview. She lives in Germany and has always been fascinated by roads, languages, and places abroad-themes reflected in her own work in in projects like >language>place, a collaborative blog project she initiated. For more about her, visit her at BluePrint: http://www.blueprint21.de


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  1. Reblogged this on Voices and commented:
    This looks fantastic, I can’t wait to get this book. I have followed Dorothee’s meandering literary and artistic paths for a few years now, and whatever emerges from her workshop is exciting, original and inspiring.

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