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by Mel Bosworth

ISBN 978-1-61019-101-2

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This unflinching, quirky novel follows a flawed yet lovable everyman as he searches for Home. We never learn his name. Nor do we learn her name—the woman whose freight is still too much for him to carry. But we know he likes soft things. We know he works through pain. We know his childhood still clings to him, despite his graying hair. And through knowing him and all his freight, ours is easier to bear.

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Mel Bosworth lives and breathes in Western Massachusettes. He’s never met a cup of tea he didn’t drink, a donut he didn’t eat, or a cat he didn’t try to pet. When Mel isn’t consuming things or making new feline friends, he’s usually busy writing.

He is the author of the short fiction chapbook When the Cats Razzed the Chickens and Other Stories (Folded Word, 2009) and the novella Grease Stains, Kismet, and Maternal Wisdom (Brown Paper Publishing, 2010). His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous serial publications including elimae, PANK, Per Contra, Wigleaf, BLIP Magazine, Annalemma, decomP, Dark Sky Magazine, >kill author, Emprise Review, and Night Train, among others. In 2009 he received his first Pushcart Prize nomination for his story “Leave Me as I Lessen” (Heron, Folded Word).


“…subtle and delightful…fantastically innovative…”
~Review in Publishers Weekly

“…Genuine emotion, the relation of feeling, the recognition of shared experience, is really not an easy thing to achieve in writing, a more difficult thing to stir that visceral reaction in a reader. But Bosworth manages numerous of these heavy gut punches, pared down writing that slips through and then slams home….”
~Declan Tan at The Huffington Post UK

FREIGHT was mentioned in WIRED Magazine article about E-Books and the evolution of the publishing industry.

View a complete list of all reviews the book has received, compiled by the author.


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