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Through the 64 narrative poems in this collection, Jessie Carty illustrates one woman’s coming of age in the face of neglect and unmet social expectations. However, these are not poems of woe. Instead, Carty flings open closet doors and jumps in, describing the dark recesses with an innocent acceptance of what is rather than what should be. Though told from an adult perspective, the childhood described is never overpowered by it—because:

poetry is

of sex, or love, or God or
toast—bread turned chore

Carty’s poetry is also poetry of place, but not in a travelogue or naturalist sense. It is the poetry of someone infused by place, the “I am” of place. A place where water and woods are more constant than parents and houses. Yet even that trust could be considered misplaced when:

The curves of the river crack
under our Wonder Woman boots.
We throw rocks at the opaque ice
as we march across the Yeopim River.

The births of babies and love. The deaths of elders and illusions. The reconstruction of homes and lives. An unflinching honesty folds them all into “boxes in boxes like Russian dolls,” waiting for us to lift the lids.

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When Jessie Carty isn’t writing, reading, or organizing something, you’ll find her engaged with electronics—to find new ways of folding science and technology into her poetry.

Jessie Carty’s poems and non-fiction have appeared in publications such as The Main Street Rag, Iodine Poetry Journal and The Northville Review. Her first chapbook At the A & P Meridiem was released by Pudding House Publications in 2009.  Jessie has been a finalist in several poetry and chapbook contests. Her work has also been twice nominated for the Best of the Net Award. She most notably placed third in the St. Louis Poetry Center’s 2008 contest, resulting in her poem “Sex Education” being published in MARGIE. Her first full length collection Paper House will be released by Folded Word in March 2010. Jessie works as a freelance editor, writer, and writing coach/teacher with courses such as Networking FTW  and Is it Over? Finding Poetic Closure. She is also the editor of Shape of a Box, YouTube’s first literary magazine. Jessie received her MFA from Queens University of Charlotte. She is a member of AWP, Charlotte Writer’s Club, NCWN, NC Poetry Society and will serve on the new board for the Poetry Council of NC.

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